Parfüms mit Duftnote - Wasser | Duftprofil: Es gibt eine Reihe moderner synthetischer Materialien, die an wässrige Blumen, saftiges Grün und Wasser selbst erinnern.
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The language is quite uninventive in terms of olfactory nomenclature, but the scent of rain has always been treated as unique - since the 1960s it has been emphatically described with a specially coined word, petrichor. Petrichor is derived from the Greek stone and blood of the gods and introduced at the suggestion of British scientists from Nature magazine to describe the specific earthy smell of dust after rain. We all know that clear water does not have a specific smell, but rain smells because of the traces of volatile organic compounds in the air. First, geosmin is part of the answer: it's associated with microbial effects in surface soils. People are extremely sensitive to geosmin, and it is claimed to be inherited from our ancestors because it indicates the presence of fresh water and warns of approaching storms. Using geosmin as a scent is not an easy task, but in many cases it can be extremely useful in enhancing artistic qualities .