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Le Prince Frenchie

Le Prince Frenchie

SKU: Le Frenchy

SKU: Le Frenchy

WEINGUT: Guerlain

Le Prince Frenchie beginnt mit strahlenden Tönen von krautig-zitronigen , mischen sich helle Zitrone mit lieblicher heiterer Verbene , begleitet von Salbei und etwas Neroli . Das Herz ist üppig mit Salbei, angereichert mit Neroli, hypnotisierende Nuancen von Lavendel. Ambra...


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Over its more than 180-year history, the House of Guerlain has amassed several monikers of elegance, luxury, and refinement. Since the items were innovative and unlike anything the market had ever seen, the first Guerlain store Pierre-François-Pascal Guerlain launched in 1828, was an immediate hit. As a result of Guerlia's pioneering work, the first scientific formulations were created in eyeliner, mascara, kohl, lipstick, and skincare. Queen Victoria, Napoleon III, and a long list of other international leaders were seen wearing it. The perfume company didn't need any more endorsements after that.
In the same way, Guerlain's iconic 19th-century products remain relevant to this day. The trade secrets of the house have been handed down for many generations. Today, Guerlain continues to be king of the luxury perfume business, and the iconic Guerlinade isn't going anywhere any time soon with over 325 perfumes to its credit.