Parfüms mit Duftnote - Gin | Duftprofil: eine klassische Wacholderbeerennote, die in Ginlikör auftaucht, belebend, bewusstseinsklar, berauschend, nützlich in holzigen, Fougere- und Chypre-Kompositionen für einen pikanten Start.
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The Gin & Tonic fragrance comes from the famous and popular cocktail of the same name. The composition of the fragrance consists of the sweet and slightly bitter quinine taste of the tonic and juniper of the gin which gives a forest scent, with the necessary additional aromas of citrus and spices eg the most popular gin for this cocktail - Bombay Sapphire made its reputation on its use of 10 plants, from lemon zest to cubeb berries, a Javanese pepper. So, overall, it reveals a slightly intoxicating scent, strong and sweet, crunchy and tangy, musky on the finish. Gin & Tonic has been used by Demeter Fragrance Library for their new Happy our collection. Each scent is dedicated to one of the famous and favorite cocktails and has a recipe for making it. As Demeter Fragrance Library mentions, the Gin & Tonic we celebrate in our Demeter fragrance is a necessary and essential refreshment from the heat, tropical or otherwise.