Violet in perfumery

Characteristics of violet flower

Violet belongs to the purplish family of perennials. The fragrant violet is one of the few fragrant varieties. It is a plant of 5 to 15 cm with a thick stump with an elongated stolon. The violet has oval stipules bordered by fringes and leaves in the form of rounded teeth near the root. The color of most violets is dark purple, in a few rare cases they are white. The flowering period of the violet is in the spring. It grows in woods, meadows and hedges.
When you breathe violet, its scent is pleasant but it escapes easily. The scent of violet puts the olfactory nerves to sleep. In perfumery, it is not the flowers of the violet that are distilled but the leaves. We obtain a synthetic raw material, an absolute with a powdery, green, waxy and earthy scent. The famous note violet flower, more softened, is made on the basis of synthetic molecule. The creators of perfume make a composition with other materials such as ionones to obtain the violet flower note. The result is a smooth, sweet, sweet, floral, warm scent like violet candy. In soliflore, the violet is very feminine, fruity, powdery. It takes a ton of flowers to extract 30g of violet flower.

Violet-based perfumes

If we refer to the language of flowers, violet brings out simplicity and modesty. The powdery scent of violet reveals a sense of discretion and a passionate statement.
Yves Saint Laurent's Paris fragrance is a classic perfectly representing violet in its composition with a woody and flowery note associated with sandalwood, iris, May rose and bergamot. Violet gives the fragrance freshness and delicacy. This violet flower fragrance symbolizes cheerfulness, elegance, glamor and romanticism.
We also note Les Caprices de Lolita by Lolita Lempicka among the perfumes containing violet flower. Belonging to the oriental olfactory family, this fragrance has a fruity top note, a middle note of fine, a base note of white musks with a powdery note of violet.
As for Insolence by Guerlain, the notes of iris, rose, violet, orange blossom are striking but violet marks its specificity. It is sensual, chic and opulent at the same time. Violet is omnipresent and explosive.

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