Tiare in perfumery

From tiare flower to monoi: sunshine in our perfumes! 

The tiare or tiare flower comes from a small tropical shrub that grows in the islands of the insular Pacific. The shrub can reach up to 4 meters in height and produces magnificent white flowers with an absolutely divine scent, reminiscent of jasmine. The tiare flower has been cultivated for centuries for its softening and nourishing properties for both skin and hair. 

However, let us note that many confusions appear as for the various products resulting from or related to the flower of tiare. For example, there is no such thing as a monoi flower! Monoi is produced only from the tiare flower which is dried in the sun by adding coconut oil. In addition, the tiare and frangipani flowers are not the same: the tiare flower is totally white where the frangipani (or Tipanie) flower is white decorated with yellow.

Anyway, the tiare flower or the monoi are products used of course in cosmetics but also for several decades in perfumery. They are at the origin of exotic and captivating perfumes used to create the famous solar note.

The solar note and tiare flower accords

The warm and amber facet that was the signature of L'Oréal's famous Ambre Solaire, created in its wake a family of fragrances that used the solar note to perfume floral notes with exoticism.

Tahitian tiare, now an iconic symbol of the island and appellation contrôlée, is used among many raw materials rich in salicylates to create this solar note so dear to our hearts. Thus, tiare flower, frangipani flower, ylang-ylang and carnation make up the so-called solar notes of which the best known and the very first was Nina Ricci's Air of Time.

Monoi, a product made from the tiare flower, is used in summer cosmetics of course, but also by certain perfumers looking for the good smell of tanned and amber skin. Thus Huile Prodigieuse by Nuxe, released in 1992, like its associated fragrance Prodigieux, uses the exotic charms of monoi to ride the immense wave of indisputable success.

The legendary tiare flower and its monoi continue to attract our noses absolutely in love with this touch of sun and exoticism graciously offered by Polynesia. This revival of Polynesian products, thanks in particular to better control of the quality of productions, has made it possible to distribute with elegance and natural this wonderful tiare flower in our most beautiful summer fragrances.


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