Popcorn in perfumery

Why do we eat popcorn at the movies?

Popcorn is a very old invention that was already consumed in 3600 BC in Mexico. The story goes that a rich farmer discovered it on a sunny day. He would have dried his surplus corn in the open air. It was then that he heard a popping sound. After tasting these processed corn kernels, he decided to make it his business.

Later, popcorn consumption is said to have increased thanks to the American confectioner Charles Cretors, inventor of the first traveling popcorn steamer in Chicago in 1890.
So why do we eat popcorn at the movies? The story is much more recent. For a very long time, cinemas opposed the consumption of popcorn. However, this little treat was already consumed in circuses, fairgrounds, sporting events or even political meetings. The cause of this rejection of popcorn? The noise ! It was absolutely unthinkable to distract viewers while their films were showing. It wasn't until the Great Depression, in the 1930s, that popcorn was introduced into theaters. At that time, due to lack of funds, many cinemas closed their doors. It was therefore necessary to find other sources of profit. The Dallas movie chain was the first to offer popcorn machines in 80 of its theaters. In two years,attendance at this place then exploded. Since then, the consumption of cinema popcorn has become widely popular.

And if popcorn was invited to perfume ...

In perfumery, on the other hand, the use of popcorn is even more recent. Before the 90s, there was no gourmet perfume. The first sweet essences made their appearance thanks to Thierry Mugler. It was he who had the idea to introduce its flavor for the very first time, in the iconic Angel perfume. Gourmet and sweet, popcorn evokes childhood memories. It recalls the scent of a fun fair and plunges us with nostalgia into a very comforting atmosphere.

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