Elemi in perfumery

Elemi, this beautiful fresh touch

Elemi gum is used by perfume designers for the lovely fresh and refreshing touch it brings. Essentially integrated into the top notes, which it enhances, elemi gum is found in oriental, fern and woody fragrances. This is the case of the perfume L'instant de Guerlain pour homme, by Guerlain, which places elemi in the top note, alongside pepper and bergamot. In the middle notes, we find a floral note with jasmine petals. Then, in the background, the patchouli is associated with the hibiscus seed. All this gives a great fragrance, woody and radiant, with a seductive side. It is said of this perfume that it was conceived as a travel diary… A whole program to discover! The elemi touch is often found in perfumes evoking dreams of travel,mysterious places to discover and leaves behind elegantly fresh wakes

Elémi, quality weddings

The freshness of elemi gum goes very well with floral, flowery and woody fragrances. It is however found associated with more oriental fragrances, as in the perfume Eau des Merveilles by Hermès. Here, we find elemi as a base note, associated with lemon and amber bitter orange. In the heart note, we discover ambergris. In top note, the balsam of Peru is accompanied by oak, vetiver and atlas cedar. Here, the woody-amber notes are particularly highlighted. This feminine scent has no floral notes and sows confusion with a few masculine effects, notably with the sweet-salty resonance of ambergris. Eau des Merveilles will take you to an unknown world, very far away An unforgettable journey. Another particularly successful mix,it is that of the elemi with aquatic notes, in Bazar pour homme by Christian Lacroix. Here, elemi is a heart note, accompanied by cedar wood. In the top note, we guess notes of water fruits Its trail leaves notes, first sparkling, then airy and finally, woody Passion and imagination then mingle in a very masculine scent.

Elemi is a gum-resin, which has been around for a very long time. In energy oil, elemi is used to harmonize spirits. In perfumery, elemi gum offers a lemony, woody, even peppery scent. Designers like to use it in compositions because it brings refreshing notes, often as a top note. Associated with other fragrances, élemi offers very astonishing marriages, but of real beauty.

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