Velvet Orchid, The Scent Of Femininity Pushed To Its Peak
Velvet Orchid, femininity pushed to its peak
Velvet Orchid, femininity pushed to its peak

Born in 1961 in the State of Texas, Thomas Ford graduated in architecture and art history from the very select “Parson's School of Design”. After working at Gucci, he founded the eponymous house of the same name in 2005. He collaborated with Marcolin Group for the creation of a line of prescription glasses and with Estée Lauder for the launch of a line of beauty products. His first fragrance “Black Orchid” was released in 2006. It was in 2014 that Tom Ford presented “Velvet Orchid”, a fragrance that pushes femininity to its peak .

The brand's refined style through Velvet Orchid

With Black Orchid released in 2006, Tom Ford wanted to develop very refined and timeless fragrances. If the beauty of the black orchid had inspired the first fragrance of the brand, it is the wood of spices which will come to inspire the couturier in 2014 for “Velvet Orchid”. Here, the woods of spices that blend harmoniously with jasmine, rose and orchid petals.

In 2016, “Velvet Orchid” brings a new touch of refinement. More gourmet than other fragrances, "Velvet Orchid" is intended only for elegant and refined women. The "Velvet Orchid" woman is a sophisticated woman who gives off a very special aura. Bold, luminous, and very feminine, the fragrance of "Velvet Orchid" is puzzling in beauty.

Velvet Orchid, notes between sensuality and refinement

""Velvet Orchid" begins with the fresh and invigorating notes of Italian bergamot and mandarin. These citrus notes are associated with a hint of honey as well as succan absolute, the result of purified rum extraction. The heart is ultra feminine and full of beauty thanks to the presence of jasmine absolute, Turkish rose oil and Cattleya orchid.

The base of “Velvet Orchid” is oriental and sensual and combines vanilla from the Comoros with labdanum, sandalwood, myrrh resin as well as scents of deer. The bottle keeps its original fluted appearance, but is tinged for the occasion of an almost hypnotic purple, offering a very mysterious side. The purple is juxtaposed with finesse with gilding present on a light lace tied around the neck of the bottle, as well as on the plate placed in front and revealing the name of the perfume. Ultra elegant, the bottle also reveals an extreme femininity.

""Velvet Orchid" is one of the brand's most elegant and refined fragrances. Ultra luminous, the "Velvet Orchid" woman is a radiant woman. She is a natural eye-catcher and you can't pass her without admiring her. Its composition highlights rare and noble ingredients, thus offering a particularly exceptional essence.

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